Who we are

AeroStar Poland is a leading supplier of dehumidification and HVAC solutions. The experience of our engineers guarantees the ability to meet the most non-standard solutions and propose a final product consistent with the customer’s expectations. Our devices are located in many facilities in Europe, thanks to the high quality standards of manufactured products, confirmed by international certificates.

High quality

Professional team

Non-standard solutions


AeroStar Poland provides professional service, commissioning and warranty and post-warranty support for all offered products, which provides you with a sense of comfort and security.

Fast reaction

Full service



Ul. Leśna 17B, 16-400 Suwałki
NIP: 844-235-58-91
Biuro: Ul. Radzymińska 326/420, 05-091 Ząbki
E-mail: aerostar@aerostarpoland.pl

Sales department
Tel: +48 509 782 090
E-mail: sj@aerostarpoland.pl
Tel: +48 690 907 072
E-mail: sk@aerostarpoland.pl
Technical department
Tel: +48 690 860 020
E-mail: mc@aerostarpoland.pl
Tel: +48 690 909 405
E-mail: mk@aerostarpoland.pl
Service department
Tel: +48 690 010 028
E-mail: ob@aerostarpoland.pl

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